About us

"Delta Data Ltd" is a family company for new technologies and services founded in 1992. Base activities are the production of Deltex composites, design, construction and repair of small boats, sport and work boats and yachts.


During year 2003 we began with development of materials with idea to improve quality and to replace existing wood materials (plywood) that customers traditionally use in shipbuilding. Our materials are innovative and original Croatian product.

Till the year 2005. we have developed new composites in accordance with the IMO and the CRS rules that are based on plates of PVC covered with a variety of natural veneer or artificial covers. New production technology was developed and implemented. We have built a unique machine park, and started trial production and testing of products in various conditions of use. When we confirmed expected results we have started mass production of Deltex composites.
We managed to achieve what we expected. We gave to the market high-quality composites that customers use in a variety of industries. Deltex composites make their end products in higher quality, cheaper, lighter but still long lasting, unique and distinctive.


Vision and mission of the company we realize with our clients who recognize Deltex composites as high-quality, exclusive and unique. We have implemented new knowledge and innovative technology, and with the application of "state of the art" materials in the production of Deltex composites we ensure our customers lasting satisfaction. This contributes to the recognition of top-quality products in the field of shipbuilding, construction, building trains, aircraft industry, or in short, in demanding industries that use new technologies and where exists a requirement for the exclusive and high quality interior and exterior decoration.

Quality of production is constantly controlled through implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2000, and in particular with the system of internal quality control of services and products. Permanent control, evaluation and premium quality guarantees repeatability of production and quality of products and services. To our customers we provide technical support in the application of new materials, and to constant customer-partners we provide training and issue of Deltex License.

The strategy of our production finds its stronghold in EU social policies justified production (e.g. WaterBORNE, IMO, SOLAS) as well as in protection of ecological resources and the interests of sustainable development.

To confirm the above-mentioned, except to successfully sell on the domestic and foreign market, we have achieved certificates of vocational institutions: Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanische Lloyd (GL) and the Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS).

In the future

Vision and mission for the future development of our company is based on previous strategies and achievements in continuous improvement of the technological development of new Deltex composites. The basic criteria is and always will be: further cooperation with scientific institutions, adoption of new knowledge, top quality composites with less mass (weight), recognition, exclusivity, environmental responsibility and increase of production at suitable price.