Deltex composites - Deltex-al panel

Deltex-Al panel is a composite intended for building of hull for small vessels, interior and exterior decoration.
Applies there where demands for materials are increased, light weight but high resistance to moisture, easy maintenance and with particular application to an exclusive arrangement and anti slide characteristics.

  • engine room
  • kitchen
  • storage and refrigerator
  • galleries
  • decks
  • stairs

FORMAT: 3000x1500x8 mm (standard format)
other formats on special request

BASE: PVC thickness of 3-10 mm

COVER: metal sheet (Fe, Al, stainless steel) from our wide offer of smooth or ribbed metal sheets

WEIGHT: app. 7.5 kg/m2, app. 34 kg/panel (4.5 m2)

INSULATION: excellent thermal insulation, sound reduction of 20 dB

Deltex kompoziti su rezultat vlastitog istraživanja i razvoja tvrtke Delta Data d.o.o. koja zadržava pravo intelektualnog i tehnološkog vlasništva u potpunosti.