Deltex composites - Deltex ceiling panel

Deltex Ceiling Panel is a composite for interior and exterior decoration. Applies there where demands for material are increased such as moisture resistance, easy maintenance, and with a special request for an exclusive arrangement and curving.

  • cabin ceiling
  • salon ceiling
  • steering ceiling
  • corridors ceiling
  • deck ceiling

FORMAT: 3000x1400x4 mm (standard format)
other formats on special request

BASE: PVC in 3-10 mm thickness Characteristics (link to Table)

COVER: vinyl, eco-leather, etc.
Customers choice from our wide offer of artificial materials or veneers

WEIGHT: app.2,1 kg/m2, app 8 kg/panel (4.2 m2)

INSULATION: excellent thermal insulation, 20 dB sound reduction

Deltex kompoziti su rezultat vlastitog istraživanja i razvoja tvrtke Delta Data d.o.o. koja zadržava pravo intelektualnog i tehnološkog vlasništva u potpunosti.