Deltex composites - Deltex flooring panel

Deltex flooring panel is a composite for design of interior and covered exteriors.
Applies there where demands for material are increased such as moisture resistance to, easy maintenance, with special emphasis on exclusive arrangement and anti sliding

  • cabine floors
  • salons
  • steering floors
  • corridors
  • covered decks

FORMAT: 3000x1520x7,5 mm (standard format)
other formats on special request

BASE: PVC in 3-10 mm thickness

COAT: Natural Veneer in 2.5 mm thickness
Customers selection of veneer

WEIGHT: app. 5 kg/m2, app 25 kg/panel (4.56 m2)

INSULATION: excellent thermal insulation, 20dB sound reduction

Deltex kompoziti su rezultat vlastitog istraživanja i razvoja tvrtke Delta Data d.o.o. koja zadržava pravo intelektualnog i tehnološkog vlasništva u potpunosti.