Deltex composites - Deltex PLW composite

Deltex PLW panel is composite designed as material for smaller boats hull construction, interior and exterior decoration and construction.
Applies there where demands for materials are increased such as low weight, moisture resistance, easy maintenance, with special emphasis on an exclusive arrangement:

  • hulls of small vessels
  • all types of furniture
  • walls
  • doors

FORMAT: 3000x1520x8 mm (standard format)
other formats on special request

BASE: PVC thickness of 3-10 mm

COVER: Natural Veneer in 1,5-2,5 mm thickness
Customers selection of veneer possible combinations of veneer (face-backside)

WEIGHT: app. 5 kg/m2, app. 25 kg/panel (4.56 m2)

INSULATION: excellent thermal insulation, 20 dB sound reduction

Deltex kompoziti su rezultat vlastitog istraživanja i razvoja tvrtke Delta Data d.o.o. koja zadržava pravo intelektualnog i tehnološkog vlasništva u potpunosti.