Shipbuilding - DRB-10

DRB-10 was designed by Goran Lescic upon client's requirements. Ship was build for transport of tourists on the Bosut river. Project within the EU Phare 2006 Cross-border cooperation between Italy and Croatian (ERSPA).

Deltex passenger boat (catamaran) is suitable for the transport of passengers and visitors on the rivers and lakes. Stay on board and sightseeing are very pleasant, thanks to comfortable accommodation of passengers. Boat's deck provides places for two people in wheelchairs.

Small boat draft allows navigation and the lowest water level, and easy loading and unloading of passengers adherence to all, and even disordered coast.

Technical Description:

Length: 10 m
Width: 4.5 m
Hull Type: Catamaran (multihull)
Waist height: 0,80 m
Draft: 0.40 m
Displacement: 8 T
Weight: max. 4.5 T
Load capacity: 30 persons, max 2.5 T
Propulsion: 2 engines 15 hp
Speed Lines: 10 km / h (at maximum load)
Construction material: steel
Classification: sheltered watters