Shipbuilding - DRC_580

Deltex river canoe DRC-580 was designed by Goran Lescic. Design is based on the traditional canoe of croatian Sava River basin. It is designed based on client's requirements for the tourists transportation, nature lovers rental, sports fishermen and hunters in the EU PHARE 2006 Cross-border cooperation between Italy and Croatia (ERSPA).

It was built by innovative composite Deltex-PLW Panels, which contributes to its minimum weight. Bottom of the boat was built by Deltex-Al Panels, which makes same-resistant strand and agreed to the shallow watters. Unique and always fresh appearance contributes to a special protected area of light oak Deltex PLW's.

DRC-580 operates elegantly, but firmly at the same time. Whether rowing or motor driving stability and maneuverability are high. DRC-580 for sailing rivers and lakes.

Technical Description:

Length: 5.80 m
Width: 1.3 m
Height of sides: 0.5 m
Draft: 0.15 m
Displacement: 450 kg
Weight: max. 75 kg
Load capacity: 5 persons (375 kg)
Propulsion: outboard motor up to 6 hp, gasoline
Material: Deltex PLW Panel, Deltex-Al Panel
Class: sheltered watters